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Why Basketuncle

Hii Guys....

Thank you for taking the stress to experience us for clearing your perception about us. We are a team of usual funky, ruff and tuff Guys, not somebody there to work with rocket science. We are somebody who loves to eat, to hang out, to sit on ideal rocks on the out skirts of the city. We germinated and grew up in the heart of the Steel City with its enormous love, its Caring & Support.

What we experienced & understood from life is to make it much more easier and smarter. So we started adding & delivering values to the life of the people by reducing their stress of Daily needs procurement.

Nourish the Strugglers ::::

We are a team of System Developers, Analysts, CA’s, Marketers & Support staff of young, innovative, committed with entrepreneurial zeal who are boldly riding the wave of a revolutionary Shopping Experience. As the internet continues to drastically change the way we live, feel, share, and grow. We are also continuously adding values to the process to come up with a ZERO stress model of Shopping.

Feel It Easy Durgapurians ::::

Feel it & take it easy with our innovative alternate of traditional grocery shopping. Basketuncle comes as a stress reducer to the people of the fast-expanding smart city Durgapur. In a few clicks or navigation, you can say goodbye to the daily woes of driving in chaotic traffic, contributing to the hectic pollution of the city, hunting endlessly for parking, spending hours in queue, pushing screechy trolleys through crowded alleys and lifting heavy bags to your Flats. Basketuncle delivers everything on your shopping list right to the comfort of your home, within few hours. Basketuncle makes shopping easier than ever before.

As a website Basketuncle.com is not just a webstore but is fully an automated system to feel understand and deliver your needs in a fraction of seconds. It uses the latest technologies with highly secured security system embedded in it to provide you a highly secure responsive online experience. Designed with rich functionality, the system is easy to access and efficient to use. Its optimized coding also ensures quick content delivery and faster downloads.

::Soo Just Chilllll, Relaxxx and spend lots of  time with your loved ones by offering us a chance to deliver you needs::