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Do you have a passion for solving Problems ?


We are not just writing software here nor only selling or delivering products, we are trying to solve real world problems. We encourage everyone in the team to have a complete perspective about the product & services. Even the junior most people in our team will talk to the customers first hand to understand their pain and solve it. If this sounds like fun, please read on…

Our beliefs!

  • * Technology exists to solve a problem
  • * Good tech capabilities comes by a culture of self-learning and sharing
  • * Design is not an after-thought, its embedded throughout the creation  process
  • * Customer service is not a department, rather is in every interaction of every employee in team.
  • * Employees make and define the company, we treat them better as our customers
  • * What gets measured, gets managed. Hence, we want to measure every part of our business.


If you are enthusiastic & have somthing creative to deliver, please write to us at care.marianatechnologies@gmail.com/ care@basketuncle.com  with your details.